• Motion Sensor LED Security Spotlight


    The detector of hyper-sensitive motion: This integrated system turns the LED bulbs on automatically for 20 seconds each time motion is detected. It has a range of nearly 11 m and provides powerful lighting to show you the way. After 20 seconds Motion Sensor Security Spotlight turns off automatically.

    Daylight sensor: This feature helps to keep your Motion Sensor Security Spotlight lamp off during the day. If it senses activity in broad daylight, it won’t light up. Motion Sensor Security Spotlight just operates in the night, if you need it!

    Easy Installations: Motion Sensor Security Spotlight can be used indoors and outdoors for flexible applications. Your wireless lamp can be used to illuminate a patio, terrace, private driveway, entrance, garden, garden shed, garage or cellar. But why not inside a closet too! It helps you to bring light to areas where electricity is hard to get!

    Robust and Orientable: Motion Sensor Security Spotlight lamp can be easily adjusted up or down. Or make it rotate from left to right. You illuminate with great precision whatever you want! Powerful, it can withstand all that, including bad weather!

    Motion Sensor LED Security Spotlight


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