• Illuminated Pet Nail Clippers-Trimmer


    Going to the regular grooming pet is expensive and you want to find a tool to care for your pet’s nails at home. But you worry the pruning tools can nastily pain or bleed them. So, try our Professional Pet Nail Clippers!
    The Clippers is an innovative nail trimmer designed to remove pet nails easily and lovingly. It comes with a super bright LED light and a magnifying glass that guides users to trim the nails smoothly. The LED lights allow you to see the delicate bloodlines, allowing you to trim at the right position every time. Your sensitive pets will no longer be frightened and make your nail trimming work easier.

    Illuminated Pet Nail Clippers-Trimmer

  • Pet Grooming Clipper Set


    Professional Pet Grooming Clipper Set for Small Areas Hair Cut

    Pet grooming kit keeps pets always looking good, it’s very useful both in-home and profession salon use!

    Easy to use even if you are using it for the first time. Professional Dog Grooming Clippers.

    Noise for quick and efficient work on pet grooming.No more expensive bills for pet grooming and you can do.

    It is an easy way.

    Pet Grooming Clipper Set

  • Pet LED Collar


    This collar will help others to see both you and your dog in the night or in the dark!
    This one of the kind collars have been designed with your pet’s safety and comfort in mind, using top quality components. Lightweight, your pet is sure to love it.
    The LED lights are very bright to give visibility up to 1,000 feet in the dark.
    This secure LED flashing dog collar is weatherproof, shockproof and lightweight, perfect for an energetic dog, looking amazing is a bonus!
    Accessible in a range of colours and sizes to match your needs!

    Pet LED Collar


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