Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Just start vacuuming by pressing a button.
  • This robotic vacuum cleaner is designed for anyone who hates vacuuming but loves clean floors.
  • Cleans both carpet and hard floors and can slide over doors of up to 2 cm.
  • Smart sensors-discover obstacles and stairs so that they can find their way around. A quick way to get the spice and span of your home!


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$87.00$141.00 (-38%)



Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Take the trouble out of cleaning and let the Robovac Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner do all the hard work for you! This smart vacuum cleaner can be started by pressing a button. Just schedule the start time on the app, and the vacuum returns to its dock automatically when it’s finished. A fun way to clean the floors without any trouble!

Clean Every Spot
Using smart sensor technology, the vacuum detects edges that allow the vacuum to move efficiently around chairs, tables and large objects. If the battery needs to be recharged during the vacuuming process, this intelligent vacuum returns to the docking station to recharge and then automatically cleans your floors again! It’s an easy and efficient way to get your home spic and span.

High suction power and two corners brush
The Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a small powerhouse! The vacuum has high suction power and three different configurations. Low setting reduces the noise level and is ideal while you’re at home. The high setting is best suited for vacuuming while you’re away from home. The vacuum also comes with two different hard floor or carpet brushes.


Additional information

Power (W)


Voltage (V)



Mopping & Sweeping & Suction Type

Dust Box Capacity (L)

<0.5 L

Dust Storage Type

Dust Box/Dust Bucket

Battery Life

1 hour



Bag Or Bagless




Timing Reservation






Remote Control


Special Suction Nozzle

Cleaning Brush

Filter Type


Model Number

Robot vacuum cleaner

Turbo Brush


Cord Length (m)


Cleaning Route

Random Type


Robot vacuum cleaner


Smart Sweeping Robot


sweep,suction,mop and magnetic

Low noise



4 in 1


vacuum cleaner


Robot Smart Sweeping


Automatic Cleaner


Electric Vacuum Cleaner

Reviews (38)

38 reviews for Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  1. 38

    by D***r

    The product arrived within 15 days,and the product is really well,evrything in the package is fine.Parcel includes the robot,the manual and the USB charging cord.The manual is in English,it needs to be charged for 3 hours around.After charging, put the button,then it begins to walk.Unlike other vacuum cleaners, just turns around, it walks randomly and everywhere, about an hour, and the house becomes clean. Before he starts working, we must first clean up the debris on the floor, otherwise it will hinder his route, really satisfied! ! ! ! Would recommend

  2. 38

    by U***r

    The goods arrived in Russia after about 10 days, the packaging is not damaged, the vacuum cleaner is in good condition. This is a fully automatic cleaning, I, as a mother and wife, can now free my hands. A robot can walk by accident and suck most of the trash in the floor, even Tom (kitten’s) hair. I am satisfied. Tips: it needs to be charged for 3 hours or so, in the case of long hair, the carpet may not work properly, otherwise you can buy it with confidence, because it costs this price.

  3. 38

    by R***r

    I placed order on 25th ,Oct.and it arrived at me on 7th ,Nov,takes no more than 2 weeks, I can accept.The cleaner was packed really well,nothing damaged,the cord and the robot and the manual are included. Lights up red when charging, blue light when working.It works very well with our wooden floor.At first I worried that it will fall off the stairs, it does not seem to be after a few tests, it is very smart! everything is perfect, all corresponds to the indication of the store,GOOD PRODUCT

  4. 38

    by R***r

    High quality vacuum cleaner. After charging 4 hours, it can work about 1,5 hours, it will allow it to remove our floor, area 130 square meters. It fits well into our floor, the sensor works very well, and there is no such thing as losing direction and turning the circle in place. I also noticed that it can also work on a carpet with short hair. All according to the description, very good! You can not miss this smart robot vacuum cleaner.

  5. 38

    by R***r

    It has been about 2 weeks, the tracker is tracked. There’s a whole box, but it’s a little wrinkled. Dust, hair accumulate normally. No base, you have to charge in manual. The support service responds.

  6. 38

    by R***r

    Everything works greatly, the robot sucks rubbish well,I recommend!!

  7. 38

    by R***r

    A good cleaner, I just need to draw circles, I checked at work at the hotel, after 10 minutes of a casual walk I scored a bunch of sand, crumbs and hair. Works quietly. I waited a month and a half in St. Petersburg. Trace tracked, courier delivered home. A good alternative is expensive.

  8. 38

    by R***r

    I really like this! It does a nice job cleaning up the dog hair and other things that get on my floor and saves me a lot of time not vacuuming daily. If you have a dog, I would watch them with this first before you use it. My dog was initially scared of it but sniffed it’s “butt” and now they are cool and she does not mind it at all. Pleased with this product and would recommend! 🙂

  9. 38

    by D***v

    Very fast shipping. This suction is much stronger than the last time I bought. He collects so much dust and pet hair. We do a full vacuum every week with my Dyson, so I think the robot vacuum cleaner is an extra vacuum. I was shocked at how much was in the bin after the first cleaning! The picture attached to it is from this cleaning. It also collects a ton of dust in a small dust filter.

  10. 38

    by R***r

    I bought two sweeping robots,Used for two months. It perfectly completed its work without any problems. Although it can’t have the function of automatically returning to the base station charging like the $300 robot, but in addition, its function is really very powerful, the price is very cheap, and the absolute value for money! Recommended!I am also going to buy two for my parents.

  11. 38

    by D***r

    This robot is my new friend, the amount of dirt and debris that has been picked up by this little machine is just unbelievable. We clean our home on the regular and just seeing how much extra stuff can be picked up is phenomenal. I had originally bought it to relieve the chore of vacuuming and it has done just that.

  12. 38

    by D***r

    This vacuum robot cleaner has made such a difference to the general dust levels in our house,Super Quiet ,Cleans Hard Floors ,thin,power suction… Vacuuming is the hardest job to get done with kids around so being able to clear everything from the floor and then leave it to work has been brilliant.

  13. 38

    by D***r

    I received it in 15 days or so.Set up is very easy ,It navigates around all the furniture easily and retrieves dog hair from under furniture with no problem. Stairs are no problem as the sensor knows where they are. It runs very quietly. Great product! I am happy with the results and will buy another one for a gift.

  14. 38

    by D***r

    It’s the best cleaning robot that is affordable. I also love the sleek design on the top, very fancy. Luxurious look and design, it does sounds a little,But who cares, it’s a hell of a lot easier to clean the house now, also… think about this, you spend nearly as much on a stand and push vacuum, you definitely use more electricity with them than you would with this. I think this is well worth the money.

  15. 38

    by D***r

    Cleaning power is impressive, it picks up all the debris you’d expect from a regular vacuum cleaner!

  16. 38

    by C***r

    Does seem to do a decent job,Can ‘climb’ some things (like a doormat) without getting stuck.Returns home when done if in the same room. No problems with dark floor surfaces, or indeed going light to dark Build quality – especially like that it slows when it sense something tall ahead (me, a cupboard) though it tends to bang into lower profile barriers. Simple to empty collection drawer.

  17. 38

    by U***r

    My wife was dead against getting one but I wanted something to help hold back the tide in our busy household. Two adults, two kids (7&9) and two large black labs.Grime, dust and cat hair get everywhere but nothing (except stairs) seems to phase it.While I agree it’s not a full replacement for a “real” vacuum it gets 90% of the floors done and is surprisingly good at getting into corners and under cabinets / sofas. Worth every penny.

  18. 38

    by U***r

    So far so good. We work full time with 2 kids, 2 dogs and a cat. The constant tumbleweed of hair, dried mud and dusk is a thrice a day job. This cuts it right down. I set it to run at lunchtime and I only have to do the other chores when I get home!

  19. 38

    by D***r

    This has changed my world! The most brilliant product imaginable! I can’t imagine life without it and I’ve only had it a week! It takes along time to get a room clean with the robot, but as I am putting no effort in and managing to get all my ironing done, the dishwasher loaded AND a wash load put on while this little gem gets to work on my floor, I don’t care if it takes all day. Very, very happy!

  20. 38

    by A***o

    Rides, vacuums, even something going in the container. Moves a little stupid, but for their money will go. Maybe get on the carpet.

  21. 38

    by D***v

    Do not take this fuflo comrades, I grimaced for a long time when the courier delivered the parcel, the vacuum cleaner is toy, if you move off the carpet, then it does not come back. I took for my grandmother, but now something and I do not want to take it to her… Very upset …. At the iLife v50pro itself, this vacuum cleaner really does everything that in the description …. Do not take this Chinese fuflo! Once again, I ask you, only drives on the bare floor, the slightest vices and unfold, there is no sense from cleaning in almost one place…

  22. 38

    by I***a

    Ordered 11.11 robot came to me 04.12 delivered Courier. All as in the picture I liked put on charge for 2 hours charged and went to do my job!

  23. 38

    by Customer

    A good vacuum cleaner, with laminate quietly collects dust and flour)

  24. 38

    by S***v

    It reached Krasnodar in 20 days, delivered the courier of the company “Courier Service Express”.

  25. 38

    by L***e

    Thank you, i love it!!! working very good, a bit nosy but its ok:) piking dust very well. I like that it have a vipe in the bottom so it makes even better cleaning:)

  26. 38

    by E***a

    Very small vacuum cleaner, greases dust and small hairs. Very cool, corresponds to the description. Of the shortcomings, the track was tracked for a week, then it was as if delivered. Opened a dispute, but the store asked to close, because the vacuum cleaner was already on the way, but I could not trace. As a result, I closed the dispute and after 3 than came the vacuum cleaner. Without defects. For their money is very pretty. I advise!

  27. 38

    by D***n

    A good vacuum cleaner, collects the truth hair, small debris and wool came to Astana very quickly

  28. 38

    by M***a

    Still not tested, but only the fact receive the product have raised my credibility in there. Congratulations to those involved.

  29. 38

    by C***a

    I’ll start with the fact that the pancake went very long. I had to extend the protection period of the order. But I got it, I recharged it and let it into the Hall for a test. In the hall we have a carpet and on the carpet though it collects but still not to the perfect. But on linoleum he really collected everything well. I do not know how about the wool of petsov but my he collected well. To be honest, I first feared to order it. Because reviews though ostensibly from Russia but written by the Chinese through ITC, but despite this he did not lie. For its price, this pancake works wonders! Juzhit will not say that quietly as a mixer that can be heard from the next room. The first minutes of the whole family watched this miracle) which was stuck between the stool and the Wardrobe) I will complete the review by the fact that despite the suspiciously look reviews, personally I really liked the pancakes))) the store is not sociable but in trouble will not abandon if you need to extend the protection.

  30. 38

    by E***

    I ordered a vacuum cleaner on 29.11.2019, came on 13.01.2020. Long of course. The Courier called, she went to pick up. The box is not wrinkled, packed well. Put on charging. Hours already 1,5 is worth while not charged ((. I can not wait, turn on and check. Then I’ll add a tip.

  31. 38

    by A***a

    Came a month later and a couple of days Courier home. Immediately put on charging for 2 hours because it was not charged. On the comments I was alert, because mostly negative and that the comments are written by the store. But after charging, my assistant went to collect dust, hair and leaves from Fern. Although the house had been cleaned the day before, he had collected an impressive garbage for 5 minutes. Feedback immediately did not write. Decided to sweat, he’s a disposable friend. But I think everything is fine. On the vices can not climb though small (in the photo there is) but you can vacuum cleaner and help. Buzzing as in the comment above was written as “mixer in the next room” The only thing I do not know whether it is possible to wet a rag, although it seems that it is written that washing or wiping. On the carpet turns into a circle of itself. It’s hard for him. But because in the house we have 1 carpet, and everything else laminate and tile, on which it is like a fish in the water, I’m happy. For this, who does not have carpets sense to take this model. I recommend to everyone else. He’s cool.

  32. 38

    by T***a

    It’s something! I did not think that he would work☹️. Found a bunch of garbage in a clean apartment… Everything works. Only charging for a long time is not enough

  33. 38

    by A***a

    Ordered a couple of days before the new year… It came 24.01. Packed not very. In one box and the vacuum cleaner in the puffy… but like everything. It is on charge, as we try to complement the feedback.

  34. 38

    by K***a

    Ordered December 12, 2019 came the parcel on February 1, 2020 delivered the courier. The parcel went more than a month to the Moscow region

  35. 38

    by A***v

    Delivery 36 days, for this money a very cool vacuum cleaner (everything is known in comparison).

  36. 38

    by T***k

    Very good vacuum cleaner, small, compact, not very noisy.

  37. 38

    by Customer

    In most cases, it can be turned out by itself. The hair on the ground is hard to be cleaned . With this artifact, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Those who like it can buy it with confidence. The vacuum cleaner was not bad and the price was reasonable, which saved me a lot of tim

  38. 38

    by Customer

    Fast delivery, two cartons of packaging material, did not break, as described, can work for 1 hour before recharging, I am very satisfied with the price, invisible floating ash can be removed Five-star praise

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Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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